Monday, April 19, 2010

The Georgia Boy Choir Ends its Inaugural Season on a High Note

The Georgia Boy Choir is almost through its inaugural season and is enjoying a high level of success and recognition. This past Christmas, the Georgia Boy Choir entertained and inspired over 3,000 attendees in choral performances throughout the metro Atlanta area earning standing rounds of cheers and applause. In February, they hosted the Georgia Boy Choir Festival which drew well over 150 boys from all over the country to come together and spend the day learning to sing together, culminating with a concert featuring all of the boys and guests The American Boychoir from Princeton, NJ.

This month, they will be featured in Georgia State University’s production of the Opera Carmen, and on Saturday, May 1, 2010, at 7:30pm, the Georgia Boy Choir will present its Spring Concert at Briarlake Baptist Church on LaVista Road in Decatur. This production will feature all 5 levels of the choir and all 85 boys. It will be the last local performance before the choir begins touring for the summer and will feature an eclectic program of music from all over the world! Tickets to the performance are $20 for General Admission and $12 for seniors and students and can be purchased by visiting

On May 13, the choir will travel to Baltimore, Maryland to participate in the Baltimore Boychoir Festival and then on May 29 will embark on a 17 day tour of China where they will perform in Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Luodai, Kunming, and Shanghai. They will be appearing in a live Chinese television broadcast, and conducting a Master Class for Chinese conductors. They will have the opportunity to perform with several different Chinese Children’s Choirs and even get to stay a few nights in some Chinese homes. Along the way, they will get to climb on the Great Wall of China, visit the Forbidden City and the Beijing Children’s Palace, and see the ancient “Terra Cotta Army” that has been guarding the tomb of the First Emperor for thousands of years. They will even get to pay a visit to Mei Lan, Atlanta’s own baby Panda bear who was just recently shipped back to China.

The Georgia Boy Choir carries on a centuries old tradition of boys singing and developing the unchanged voice. The GBC aims to reach the highest level of musical excellence possible while developing leadership skills, teaching self discipline and instilling character traits. David R. White, well-known throughout the arts community in Atlanta, is the Conductor and Artistic Director of the Georgia Boy Choir. He developed a reputation for musical excellence as the Conductor and Artistic Director of the Atlanta Boy Choir. Prior to coming to Atlanta, he had spent over 10 years at the helm other well-known boy choirs, including the Boy Choir of the Carolinas and Florida’s Singing Sons and during his career has led choral performances in concert halls and cathedrals throughout the United States, as well as Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, and the Ukraine. “My reward is seeing this musical talent develop to a point that it expands the world around these boys and enriches the lives of others,” says White. “After all these years, I am still moved by the world-class performances that these young boys deliver.”

For more information on auditions, performances and tours, please visit or call 404-402-4083.

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