Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MyPlick is Ready to Share Music via Tribe of Noise

Editors note: I signed up for Tribe of Noise (TN) a while back. It's an interesting place. Budding musicians from around the world share their music on TN and allow anyone, commercial or private, to use their music at no cost. Finding time to sort through all the music on TN is virtually impossible for me personally, but I can see that it would be fun for many. I liked the idea of using free, legal music on our videos.

I just popped over to MyPlick to see what it was all about. I hate to use the same descriptor twice, but... it's an interesting place also. It's YouTube meets Slide or Flickr meets business. It's worth checking out. You have the ability to upload pdf, audio, photos and more. All the "plicks" can be embedded in web pages and blogs. I liked the ability to write lengthy descriptions of individual slide photos (although long is usually a no-no these days given the wealth of info coming at us).

MyPlick is Ready to Share Music

Silicon Valley based MyPlick this week announced the implementation of a new music application for their online presentation sharing service. It’s the result of a partnership with the global music platform Tribe of Noise. The application allows MyPlick users to intensify their online slide shows with free music.

The music on Tribe of Noise is made available by the original composer for commercial and non-commercial purposes. As of now MyPlick users can benefit from this legal and ready to share music database. It’s a refreshing positive sound in this world of copyright infringements and digital rights management.

Lei Jin, Founder and CEO of MyPlick: “Enough negative energy, let's talk about great legal innovations to share your creativity online. Substantiate your slide show presentation on MyPlick with Ready to Share Music from artists around the globe! People are sharing content online, you can't stop that. So, give them something to share in an easy and legal way!”

MyPlick and Tribe of Noise simultaniously announce that this is just the first step forward in a digital world where content and creativity is shared around the globe legally and hassle free.

Hessel van Oorschot, founder of Tribe of Noise: “While the traditional music industry is still in the repressive mode by introducing digital rights management and sending out the watch dogs, we rather think in solutions for like-minded spirits. Over 5000 composers from all over the globe share their music via Tribe of Noise. In exchange they build an inner circle of valuable contacts. Like on MyPlick getting Exposure is the name of the game.”


Tribe of Noise , the largest worldwide community connecting musicians & companies by sharing music legally & hassle free! All music on Tribe of Noise is uploaded by independent artists under a Creative Commons 3.0 by share alike license in MP3 format. Derived from the positive results in the open source community, professionals like game developers, brand managers and advertisement agencies use the content for commercial purposes. Our mission: To be on the shortlist of all professionals in need for great music. To find out more about Tribe of Noise, go to http://www.tribeofnoise.com

MyPlick , one of the largest online communities for sharing and discovering interesting presentations. By uploading your presentations to MyPlick, you can immediately share them with your friends and embed in blogs. You can make your presentation even more impressive by adding audio or music effects. Using MyPlick's award winning sync tool, you can easily synchronize the audio with your presentation slides to make an entertaining or instructional slide show. To find out more about MyPlick, go to http://www.myplick.com
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