Monday, March 07, 2011

Wadsworth & Friends Concert Again Presents “Master Classes” to Coweta’s Students

Reprising a continuing program that began in 2008, Newnan’s Cultural Arts Commission (NCAC) recently sent letters to principals and music instructors at the county’s public and private high schools and middle schools. The letters invited vocal students and students studying the flute to participate in Master Classes at The Centre for Performing & Visual Arts provided by NCAC as a part of the Wadsworth & Friends Concert to be held on the following evening. The free-of-charge classes are supported by Newnan Rotary and by Cargill.

An accepted definition of a Master Class is: “one that involves teaching of an expert of that discipline — usually music, but also painting, drama, dance, or any of the arts. In a Master Class, a teacher’s general comments are replaced by the far more personal, intimate, informed, and individualized instructions and comments of a practiced professional in that talent or skill.”

Flute students will meet with Angela Jones-Reus - a flutist who now serves as Professor of Flute at the University of Georgia and has traveled the world in her multi-faceted career as soloist, chamber artist, orchestral artist, and teacher. They will gain a special insight and knowledge of playing the flute. Vocal students will have the opportunity of hearing local artist Sarah Taylor share her special knowledge of singing and her experiences while growing up in Newnan and singing to local audiences. She’ll discuss her continued education, how it has expanded her vocal talents and provide personalized instructions.

Don Nixon, Director of The Centre for Performing & Visual Arts says, “As a student is developing, it’s so important that they be exposed to excellence - to be able to see and hear and know the very best. They need to be exposed to the best there is so they’ll be enabled to recognize and know what’s being put before them during their youth and in their later life.” Nixon expanded and said, “The Centre fully endorses, appreciates, and supports this Master Class project because we know and understand its importance. We’ll continue to work towards it being inspirational to our students and provide our assistance.”

Newnan Rotary President Clayton Hicks said, “Rotary International supports important projects and charitable causes all over the world, but Newnan Rotary takes a special pride in the additional programs we support locally, not the least of which are projects that help our students.

Cargill, like Newnan Rotary, has supported the Master Class program since its inception four years ago. Shannon Norris at Cargill said, “Cargill views this as a great opportunity to support our community and highlight the resources and cultural events that are so often overlooked or taken for granted. We consider our sponsorship of the Master Class program to be a privilege.”

Tickets for the concert are now available at Scott’s Book Store on the Courthouse Square, Morgans Jewelers at Ashley Park, the Bank of Coweta at Thomas Crossroads, and The Centre for Performing & Visual Arts. They are budget priced at $20. for adults and $15. for students and 65+ seniors.

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