Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Atlanta's WKLS Launches Jelli, Puts Control in the Hands of Atlanta's Rock Fans

/PRNewswire/ -- Clear Channel Radio station Project 9-6-1 (WKLS) Atlanta has launched Jelli, the crowd-sourced radio technology that puts listeners in charge of what plays on the air. Jelli combines FM radio with the best of the social web and lets listeners compete or cooperate to get their favorite songs played on their favorite radio station.

Called "Remote Control Radio," the new Jelli-powered show is hosted by D.J. Jordin Silver, and airs Monday through Friday nights from 7PM to Midnight EST. Project 9-6-1 listeners can play along at or download the Jelli iPhone app and control the airwaves on the go.

At any time during the show, Project 9-6-1 listeners vote songs up or down, ultimately deciding what will air next. By playing, listeners accumulate Rockets and Bombs that they can use to propel a song quickly toward the top of the playlist, or knock it off completely. When a song is actually playing live and on the air, listeners can also vote whether it Rocks or Sucks. If enough players think it Sucks, the song is taken off the air instantly, even if it's mid-song. It's the ultimate in crowd-controlled radio.

"Project 9-6-1 was launched in 2006 with an experimental spirit and a promise to push things forward. As the first radio station in Atlanta to fuse social media and terrestrial radio with Jelli, we are showing our commitment to these values," said Project 9-6-1 Program Director Chris Williams. "Remote Control Radio gives our audience complete control and we are excited to see how they wield the remote control!"

"Atlanta is a world class music town and we are excited to see a Clear Channel station like WKLS be the first in town to put control into the hands of its listeners," said Jelli CEO Mike Dougherty.

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