Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Talent abounds!

Last night as I was working on the Fayette Front Page I listened to some music via YouTube. It's a fun way to listen to music. You start with one artist of choice, say Seal singing "Kissed by a Rose". Off to the side of the video if you scroll down you'll find a list of "Related Videos" which could be anything under the sun. For instance, with the example of Seal's Kissed by a Rose, there could be a song about a seal or a video about kissing roses, but usually it would be another Seal song or the same song by another artist.

I went hopping from video to video discovering talents I've missed (some who've been around, some who are just beginning to make it, some who want to make it). I thought I'd share some of those I considered outstanding...

This one they've blocked from embedding so you'll have to click the link and go listen (bet you save it ;-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2NEU6Xf7lM&feature=related

I gather these guys are all European Idols... One, is the "World Idol". I have to admit that I watch Idol, but I've never felt the urge to rave about any of the singers, or buy their music. This year I'm impressed with David Cook and may have to break down and stop being such an Idol snob . I listened to Kurt Nilsen, the World Idol, without knowing initially that he had anything to do with the world-wide Idol series. He doesn't look the part and may not have made it here in the U.S. despite his phenomenal voice.

In the group song they go off key at the very end, but other than that I was impressed.

YouTube is a great way to expose yourself to music you might not ever hear otherwise.

I like to stop in Barnes & Noble's music section on occasion when I have some spare time and listen to musicians I've never heard before. I bought a Matt Dusk CD doing that --- great find! I found Andrea Bocelli that way years back.

I also "discovered" Michael Bolton's "secret passion", opera (I bought his CD titled "My Secret Passion"). Bolton was one I could take or leave, enjoyed but wasn't overwhelmed with his talent. I learned to appreciate him a bit better after hearing him sing one operatic aria in concert many years back. It never crossed my mind that he could really "sing" until them! When I saw the opera CD at B&N, had to give it a shot. He and Bocelli are the extent of the opera in my collection at the moment.

I have eclectic taste in music, will listen to Meat Loaf, the the score from Phantom, then a country... OK, nuff on my tastes. Go put in your favorite artist on YouTube then go exploring, try something new. Bet you'll be surprised at what you discover.

I'll leave you with one YouTube that might surprise you, Luciano Pavarotti singing "It's a Man's World" with James Brown...

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